Seller: how do I get paid from buyers?

The buyer and seller agree on the price and method of payment. 

Many sellers choose to setup a snifffr deal as a preferred method of payment as this is done on snifffr. This gives you the most protection. Please look at your Deals page for more details.

Once a deal deal is completed, you can cash out your tokens in most currencies through Wise

By going offsite to transact, you are leaving the safety of snifffr. 

snifffr highly recommends:

1. You use snifffr deals or receive FULL PAYMENT before sending off an order. 

2. You do not chat on other platforms such as Kik, Google Hangouts, Snapchat etc. If you do choose to move conversations away from snifffr, please ensure you receive FULL PAYMENT upfront before leaving snifffr. 

Should you choose to navigate away from snifffr to conduct a transaction, we do not provide support on any issues that may occur.